Community Fibre Broadband

Please note that Registration for this project has been extended to Friday 18 December 2020.

For a June 2021 update on progress click here…

Welcome to Chittlehamholt Cabinet 2 properties joining the project.

When BT OpenReach connected Chittlehamholt village to SuperFast broadband the fibre connection ran straight past ‘Cabinet 3’ which supplies service to the majority of Satterleigh and Warkleigh.   This left Satterleigh and Warkleigh with old style broadband, some properties suffering with less than 2Mb connections.

There is now a grant funding scheme available for communities in this situation to connect them to full fibre broadband, which completely eliminates these slow speed problems for every property.

The installation of fibre to replace our old (damaged and worn out) copper telephone lines will provide much more robust and future proof connections for both telephone and broadband in the parish.

This project is to co-ordinate all properties on in the parishes signing up for the full fibre solution through a BT OpenReach Community Broadband project, to maximise the grant funding available and deliver the services to everyone, irrespective of the distance to their Cabinet. 

*Please note the video is for the previous voucher scheme, the new scheme grants £3000 to business and £1500 to residential premises.