As at 30 June 2021:

The Community Fibre Project for the areas south of the Chittlehamholt War Memorial and west of Swingate Cross is ‘on hold’ until the Satterleigh and Warkleigh ‘Gainshare’ FTTP rollout is completed. This is so that fibre installed by that project can be extended into the Community project area at a reduced cost.

The GainShare project was due to complete by the end of 2021, but we have just been advised that due to survey errors there is a 6 month delay in the project, for which OpenReach have apologised.

We will keep updates flowing on this site and as soon as fibre starts to be laid we will contact all the properties in Satterleigh and Warkleigh, east of Swingate Cross, to confirm the situation.

As at 26 February 2021:

A total of 84 properties signed up to the project and the list was submitted to BTOpenReach at the start of January.

The project was aware that there were other BT and Devon County fibre activities in the area and this was confirmed when BTOpenReach advised that some of our applicants may be included in other works.

At present we are in the design and costing phase and the next step is receiving the pricing from the BTOpenReach VFP co-ordinator.

As at 17 November 2010:

We now have Chittlehamholt (Cabinet 2) included in the project and have a total of £150,000 in grant registration funding.

Current registrations by postcode are shown below, let’s push on to get 100% across the board as the project will close to registrations on 31 November 2020.

Satterleigh and Warkleigh (Cabinet 3)

Post CodePercentagePost CodePercentage
EX36 4JA38EX37 9DJ44
EX36 4JB43EX37 9DL100
EX37 9DD50EX37 9DQ50
EX37 9DE25EX37 9HF63
EX37 9DF100EX37 9PE100
EX37 9DG100EX37 9PF100
EX37 9DH0EX37 9PG38

Chittlehamholt (Cabinet 2)

Post CodePercentagePost CodePercentage
EX37 9HB13EX37 9NU14
EX37 9HD0EX37 9PA26
EX37 9HE33EX37 9PB63
EX37 9NS39EX37 9PD10
EX37 9NT64EX37 9PQ33

As at 18 September 2020:

We now have over £60,000 in grant funding registrations and thanks to everyone who has registered.

However, we still have many properties who have not yet registered, and this is the chance to get grant funding to complete the installation.

After this project is completed, properties will need to ‘pay their own way’ to get a fibre connection, at some significant cost.

The registrations by post code are shown below, and further activity will be coming to encourage 100% registration across the board.

Post CodePercentagePost CodePercentage
EX36 4JA37EX37 9DJ33
EX36 4JB43EX37 9DQ37
EX37 9DD30EX37 9HF50
EX37 9DE0EX37 9PE100
EX37 9DF50EX37 9PF100
EX37 9DG100EX37 9PG25
EX37 9DH0EX37 9PB25